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Working on getting back into illustration. I’ve had a fun time doing 3D art, but I need to plan out my styles and building better before I get too stupidly gung-ho about it. So, drawing board – literally. There’s new posts of FFXV chocobros in the illustrations page, go check them out! Read More →

Hey, I’m Caffeinated Zombie.

You know, like a undead, falling apart kind of creature that runs on caffeine and the occasional amount of brains?


I’m also Jes. Caffeinated Zombie was my senior year of college and it well….just kind of stuck for various reasons. Goth, sentimental, Interior-decoration-from-the-halloween-section reasons. Nice to meet you.

If you’ve gotten this far without realizing it, I love to draw. Like, really love to draw. It’s a way to express myself and what others want to create with me. Likewise, I’ve fallen back in love with 3D modeling, taking the designs into the physical space and playing with them.
Maybe we can work together sometime.