Everything here is settled for the most part, and I think I’ve got things figured out. The top bar navigation is your main way of getting at all the images: currently I have the prints-in-progress gallery and illustrations. more will probably come together as projects start (and I’d like to make a few in-program renders of items before I turn them into prints.) And here? Well, I’d like to start blogging again. I’ll probably post some of the Ignis in-progress blogs from my Patreon, as well as cross-posting future posts from there as well. The Ignis daggers are currently on haitus, but all of the projects will have corresponding categories applied to them. I’m leaving all the old pre-2017 posts up as well, just for archival purposes with artwork. They’re some of my absolutely older stuff, but I like this setup a lot more. Expect some posts about certain images in the gallery as well; I’ve got a whole illustration series that’s the characters from a D&D game we started playing earlier this year. I’d like to go into more detail about everything because it’s fun to write about the creative process.